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Emily Bench

After attending dental school and working as a dentist for five years, Emily decided that dentistry wasn't her calling. 
She needed to MOVE and spend her days in a more active and social setting yet still putting smiles on people's faces and teaching people how to improve and take care of their own health.

She initiated her Pilates path at Polestar Pilates & Physical Therapy where she had wonderful teachers and mentors. She completed a fully comprehensive Pilates training and became a mentor for their school for two years. 

Emily along with her friend and colleague Juan L. Pichardo founded Pilathon back in 2013 with the idea of sharing Pilates and the art of mindful movement with others in a cool, bright, happy environment. A place they call  "Fountain of Youth". 

For her, teaching Pilates isn't a job,  it's her passion! She just doesn't teach Pilates, she IS a Pilates and healthy lifestyle teacher.

Emily is also a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and combines her love for healthy-happy eating and living with Pilates and meditation. 

Teaching style
Always happy | Mindful | Educative | Challenging

Danielle Ohayon

A lover of all things movement!

She started her journey as an athlete in school swimming and doing gymnastics. Later, competing in surfing and representing Jamaica on the world stage.

Her training started with mat Pilates with Stott in Canada. She then incorporated Reformer to her training with Polestar Pilates in Miami.
2018 was the year Dani decided to complete a comprehensive Pilates teacher training that she did at Pilathon where she is currently training to be a mentor.

Dani is inspired by people’s willingness to move.

Whether it’s a group class or a private she keeps the same fun-loving attitude throughout. Always making jokes in her classes she keeps things light while still maintaining the Pilates integrity of precision, alignment, strength, and flexibility in all classes.

If she’s not in the studio she’s on the beach or out in nature soaking it all in!

Teaching style:
Fluid | Dynamic | Very Fun!  | Challenging

Lauren Lampa-Banchs

With a background in dance, Lauren developed a love for movement at an early age. She is lured by many fitness formats but credits Pilates as the one true mind-altering method that led her to truly understand her body and thereby move with maximum wellness and efficiency. As a teacher, she seeks to help others discover this within themselves as well.


Her joy for teaching is matched with a student’s hunger for continued education.

Lauren received her Pilates certifications in the six main apparatuses (Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Spine Corrector, and Ladder Barrel) under the caring tutelage of Pilathon’s Emily Bench. She is also a Barre Fitness-certified instructor, where she merges the core Pilates principals with some serious burn.

Additional training and certifications include Tracey Mallet’s bootybarre® Prenatal and Postnatal, National Pilates Certification Program Multi Equipment & Level Class with Leslie Logan, and Rebecca Beckler’s Pilates Suspension Method.  

Outside the studio, you can find Lauren trying to keep up with her spitfire daughter.

Teaching style:
Precise | Energetic | Functional | Fun

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 7.46.23 PM.png
Silvia Ferrer

Born and raised in “la tierra del sol amada” in Venezuela, Silvia spent the last 15 years living in different countries enjoying learning from different cultures and their people.

With a background in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, and long time in the corporate world, she was bewitched by Pilates magic more than 10 years ago when she decided to take her first Pilates class in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Following her passion in Miami, she successfully completed a Comprehensive Pilates and Healthy LifeStyle Teacher Training at Pilathon Education and she’s trained in Pilates Suspension Method. Silvia is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.

Silvia truly believes that through Pilates she can make people’s lives better, strengthening their mind and body while developing a deep connection with their sprit.


Organized | Fluid | Challenging | Zen

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 7.42.21 PM.png
Viktoriya Greis

Viktorya is from Russia. She has had planted the Pilates seed since she was 14... As time passed, she kept discovering the incredible benefits of Pilates until she finally realized that this was her true calling.

Viktoriya always wanted to impact people’s lives in a good healthy way.

After a whole year of hard studying and consistently practicing, she received her full comprehensive certification and successfully completed a 600-hour teaching program at Pilathon.

 For the past 3 years, Vik has been teaching clients of all ages, shapes, and forms and it never gets dull. it’s extremely rewarding to see their results and improved well-being as they continue to be consistent in their practice.


A true passionate believer in the incredible power of Pilates - Viktoriya - is convinced that PILATES is impacting people's lives in a positive way by making them stronger, leaner, and healthier day after day.



Upbeat | Athletic | Detailed oriented | Challenging 

Monica Wolfe

Monica was an avid runner, finishing the 26.2-mile course weaving through the streets of Miami, Miami Beach, and her neighborhood of Coconut Grove in 2004 and a half marathon in 2010 with 5K races sprinkled in between until her second knee surgery ended her running career.


Monica had to look for a sports alternative to satisfy her passion for exercise and movement; Pilates to the rescue!

Originally from Panama, Monica graduated in Marketing and Communications at Loyola University, New Orleans before coming to live in Miami. She was never very happy in the “rat race” of the corporate world. Once again - Pilates to the rescue!

In 2018 she received her mat certification from the Dr. in Physical Therapy, Christa Gurka, at Pilates in the Grove. Since she has been teaching and sharing Mat Pilates with others!

In 2019, she graduated from Pilathon’s fully comprehensive Pilates and Life Style Teacher Training and has now completed the 550 hours of intensive training under the mentorship of our founder, Emily Bench. 

She also completed an intensive 3D Anatomy & Movement course in February 2021. 


Controlled |  Detailed | Challenging 

Guillermo Lahrssen

After 15 years working as Director of Operations in their family-owned telecommunications company, Guille decided it was time for a change and joined the Pilathon team back in 2016 as our CEO. His vast experience in customer service has been a significant contribution to our clients, our students, and us the teachers.

Behind the scenes, Guille ensures that every detail involving Pilathon’s daily operations runs smoothly and that our teachers have the perfect environment to teach and share their passion to others... Pilates!



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